Slice of Calm - Custom Relaxation Recording

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-The service includes a custom recorded audio from me.

-The goal of the audio is to help you relax deeper and feel calmer, less stressed.

-How it works: If there’s something in your life you’re feeling tense, stressed, anxious, or worried about, you let me know and I create the custom audio specifically to help you with this issue.

-The audio will be between 15 and 30 minutes.

-The audio isn’t to replace any anchors you already have in your life (such as prayer/meditation/therapy), they are simply an additional tool. We are bombarded with stress nowadays. Why not bombard yourself with tools and techniques to that facilitate peace and calm?

-You’ll be able to listen day or night, whenever you need to release tension, get grounded and be centered again.

-The audio may include me guiding you through a relaxation exercise or a meditation or a visualization or a combination of tools. It depends on what I feel will help you best.

Here’s what a recent client wrote to me after receiving her audio. I hope it helps you clarify the type of service this is and if it’s a good fit for you:

“Alicia, I can’t thank you enough for my audio. I’ve been telling everyone about it really is my little slice of calm. Sometimes I listen in the evening to help me wind down and stop stressing over everything. Because it’s specific to me, and not just an audio I’d find on YouTube, it speaks right to my heart. A few times I’ve even gone out to my car on a work break and listened for just a few minutes. Almost immediately I can feel my whole body and mind settling down. Feeling grateful…and much calmer.”

-The audio costs $45.

If you’ve been feeling stressed, stuck, tense, or just ‘meh’ with your self-care, this would be a nice addition to help you get back on track.

To purchase your custom audio, simply click here.

I’ll then email you asking a few questions about the issue/s causing you the most stress at the moment, and then I’ll start working on your recording. Typical completion time is 5 business days. I then send you the recording, which you can download on your phone and/or computer so you can access it whenever you need to.

Let me know if you have any questions about the service. You can also forward this to someone you care about who may benefit from more calm and relaxation in their life. A deep state of peace trickles over into our lives in so many ways (our work, creativity, focus, relationships, health, and more).


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Slice of Calm - Custom Relaxation Recording

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