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Do you want to become a digital nomad?

Not just any digital nomad, but a digital nomad who has their sh*t together. Like, a well-thought-out plan backed by thorough research?

Sounds nice, right?

I’ve been a digital nomad for just shy of a decade. I travel for months or years, working on my laptop, then return to my base. Rinse and repeat. I’ve learned a lot in those years, and you wanna know what? Research and planning are your besties.

Of course, research cannot stop random things from happening. And you can’t research everything blah blah blah. Common sense disclaimer.


Research + planning = peace of mind.

It slams the brakes on overthinking this nomad thing. Otherwise, you have no concrete plan and it’s all just a dream. An idea.

Yea, sure, you can keep watching cool videos of other people living the nomadic life but that won’t get you from where you are now to working on the beach in Costa Rica.

(Side note: working on the beach is actually a bad idea. Sand in your laptop. Sun glare on your screen. Etc. But working in an apartment on the beach with a view of the ocean and the ability to go for a quick swim or just lay on the sand during a work break–without asking anyone for permission. That’s a win!)

Let’s focus your energy and get your sh*t together.

The Nomad Planner helps you get clear on your nomadic journey. It also helps you plan + research the details. 

It’ll make you feel like you’re organized + on top of things.

>>Even if you’re typically the most disorganized person in your crew.

>>Even if you sometimes just randomly do spontaneous things you regret doing later.

>>Even if you have no idea to where start with this whole ‘nomad’ thing.

>>Even if you know where to start but need a final polishing of your plan.

The planner helps you get clear on:

*Where to go first (what do you really want? That’s what it helps you figure out)

*What do you need to research further (if anything)?

*What type of experience would I like to have?

*What do you need to do next?

PLUS: worksheets for accommodation research tracking, creating your packing list, sights to see in the location of choice

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    Here’s what you get in this printable planner


These are questions and prompts to help you figure out where you want to go, for how long, and what type of nomad journey you prefer.


Space to research and log what you find (accommodation research, things to do in the location of choice, packing lists, and other essential details).

Cost? $25.

Let’s go!


Alicia Joy

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27-page printable, downloadable planner.

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The Nomad Planner

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