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Let's play a quick game...

It's exactly one month from now. You click the red 'LEAVE MEETING' button on Zoom to close today's Focused Writing Community session. You signed up for these sessions a month ago and you've been showing up, getting a bunch of writing done, and finally making progress on your projects. 

What do you do next?

a. Continue writing. Your fingers are buzzing and you're on a roll. You're not stopping anytime soon.

b. Treat yourself to shrimp tacos with a side guacamole.

c. Call your ex (who swore you'd never write consistently) to gloat about how much progress you've made.

d. All of the above.

At that point, you can do some or none of the above. Or whatever you want. The point is, Focused Writing Community helps you dedicate productive time to your writing projects. Plus there's the added bonus of support, resources, and interaction within the community. Writing can feel solitary. Let's do it together! Instead of struggling alone, you have a small community to bounce ideas off (if you'd like), get feedback, or encouragement. 

The Focused Writing Community is for you if:

*You're not making progress with your writing project (your book or your blog or courses you need to create) because you keep putting it off. You know you need to do the work but find yourself procrastinating and delaying over and over. 

*You're ready to end feeling scattered and unfocused. You want to build writing momentum, knuckle down, and make headway with your writing project(s).

*It's time for you to get into a regular schedule of churning out content (for your blog, book, clients, whatever).

*You value support, encouragement, accountability, and feedback.

*You want to write your book but struggle with feeling distracted. Left to your own devices, you have a million distractions all vying for your attention. And they always win.

Give yourself the push and accountability you need to get some solid writing done on a consistent basis. 

Whatever you need to write, the Focused Writing Community is a safe, confidential space to show and get stuff done.

Blog posts




Your book




Sales pages


Instagram captions

The list of things you need to write seems endless. But it's not. If you take even just the next 90 days and focus your time, you'll make a massive dent in your writing goals. 

Here's how the community works:

This is a cozy community of writers, bloggers, aspiring authors that meets (via Zoom) four days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) from 9 am ET to 11:10 am ET. We'll meet up (virtually) to write together. 

During each session, if you choose, you can ask questions about your writing project or general writing questions. You can also ask for feedback. As time is limited during each session, you can also email me directly during the two weeks for support/feedback. 

This is a monthly membership. You can register now to begin on the first Tuesday of next month.

Sessions will be four days a week from 9 am-11:10 am ET

(Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Who is hosting this community?

I’m Alicia-Joy. I’m a writer, book editor, and book coach. I help travelers and nomads tell their stories by writing books. Since, 2012, I’ve published 3 books of my own + ghostwritten 5 for clients. I’ve also provided editing, writing training, coaching, and ghostwriting services to clients for over seven years. I’m a current member of the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA).

I host 90% of all sessions. But about once every other week, one of the participants steps up to host a session when I have something else to do on that day. That participant has volunteered to help and we have made an arrangement that works for both of us.

What you get when you register:

You'll have access to the virtual writing sessions Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday every week. Sessions are hosted via Zoom. The Zoom calls will start at 9 am ET and end just a few minutes after 11 am ET. We'll write (with everyone on mute) for 25 minutes, then break for a few minutes, rinse and repeat for about 2 hours total (It typically ends up being 3 sessions per call).

During each session, if you choose, you can ask questions about your writing project or general writing questions. You can also ask for feedback. As time is limited during each session, you can also email me directly during the two weeks for support/feedback. 

This is a monthly subscription. You can cancel at any time. 

You'll also receive tips and support for writing quickly, building momentum, and staying consistent. During the challenge, I will do my utmost to help you stay motivated and accountable with writing consistently. 


REGISTER NOW TO START THE FIRST TUESDAY OF NEXT MONTH - TOTAL COST: Pay what you can. The average payment is $90, but you can pay what you are able to. The price you choose to pay now will be the price you will be billed monthly. YOU CAN CANCEL YOUR MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP AT ANY TIME.

This is your chance to gain momentum with that book project you've been putting off for far too long (I've been there).

This is how you break the cycle of procrastination. It's time to make some serious headway with your book. 


Am I obligated to attend all of the Zoom calls? 

Nope. Your only obligation is to yourself. If you miss a few calls, that's life. The more you show up and write, the more you'll get out of this challenge. But, of course, life happens. So, it's understandable if you miss a call.

Do I have to come on camera during the calls?


Do I have to share details of the work I'm doing during the calls?

Nope. Share as little or as much as you'd like. But this is a supportive environment and I've found part

What should I write? 

Whatever you choose. But I'll be encouraging you to use the time to cross things off your book project to-do list. Think of all the book tasks that have been taking up space in your brain. This is the time to finally tackle them, or at least get a bunch of research and outlining out of the way.  The main point is that you show up and get the support and accountability to get a ton of writing done.

What happens once I register? 

After you register, you'll receive a welcome email. Then, two days before Day 1 (the first Tuesday of next month), you'll receive a reminder email with the Zoom information.

You join now and start at the beginning of next month. 

9 am-11:10 am ET 



P.S. Writing can be a lonely endeavor, but I want you to know you're not alone. Even if you choose not to join us in Ten Days of Writing, feel free to reach out, say hello, and share your writing ambition with me. Sometimes just putting it out there gives you the push you need. alicia [@] 

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Focused Writing Community

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