Ten Days of Writing

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Build massive writing momentum

Let's do 10 days of writing. Together!

This is your chance to finally start, and possibly finish, that writing project you've been putting off.

Knock out a bunch of blog posts

Create that course you've been thinking about

Write and schedule multiple email newsletters

Start or finish or edit your book

Or whatever you need to write that you've been procrastinating about.

Together, we can do this!

The Ten Days of Writing Challenge is for you if:

*You're ready to make serious headway with a writing project - or multiple projects

*You value support, encouragement, and accountability

*You're tired of sitting to write and then getting distracted by the million other things you have to do

Give yourself the push and accountability you need to get some solid writing done. Consistently. Over a 10 day period.

Here's how it works: We'll meet up (virtually) to write together.

We'll meet every day for 4 days, then have one day off, then meet again for the final 6 days.

What you get when you sign up:

*Access to the daily virtual co-writing sessions, hosted over Zoom. To cover different time zones, there'll be one at 7 am EST and another at 1 pm EST. Each call will last just over 2 hours. We'll write (with everyone on mute) for 30 minutes, then break for 10, rinse and repeat for about hours (It typically ends up being 3 sessions per call).

Stay as long as you want/need. You can attend one or both every day for the duration of the challenge, but you're not obligated to attend all sessions). We'll do 4 days together, then break for 1 day, then back for 6 days.

*Tips and resources for writing quickly, building momentum, and staying consistent.

*During the challenge, every morning you'll receive an email with a writing encouragement audio, which is a few minutes of encouragement to give you a writing boost. 

Here are the quick audio topics:

Audio 1: When you feel like nobody's reading/appreciating your writing.

Audio 2:When you can’t seem to write consistently or meet your writing goals.

Audio 3: When you're not earning the money from your writing that you'd like.

Audio 4: When you feel that nobody 'gets' you/your writing.

Audio 5: When you don't feel good enough (or expert/qualified) enough to write.

Audio 6: When you don't feel like writing (or doing anything).

Audio 7: When someone says/writes something mean about your writing.

Audio 8: When family/friends don't believe in your writing dreams.

Audio 9: When you feel scared to share your writing/work with the world.

Audio 10: When your writing has been rejected.

When is it?

The next sessions start Wednesday, July 26h, 2020. We'll do 4 days together, then break for 1 day (Sunday), then back for 6 days. By the end, on Saturday September 5th, providing you show up and do the work, you'll have made massive headway with one - or multiple - writing projects.

Cost:Pay what you can.

The average payment is $35, but I want you to be honest with yourself and pay whatever amount you can pay right now. That may be more than $35 or less. I trust you'll be honest with yourself.


Who is running these sessions?

I'm Alicia-Joy Pierre. Since, 2012, I’ve written hundreds of webpages, articles, and email campaigns, created 9 journals + published 3 books of my own (and ghostwritten 5 for clients). I’ve also provided writing training, coaching, and copywriting to hundreds of online entrepreneurs.

Am I obligated to do both zoom calls each day?

Nope. Your only obligation is to yourself. If you can make one call a day during the ten days, perfect. If you can make it to two calls, woot woot! If you miss a few calls, that's life. The more you show up and write, the more you'll get out of this challenge. But, of course, life happens, so it's understandable if you miss a call.

What should I write during the 10 days?

Whatever you choose. But I'll be encouraging you to use the time to cross things off your mental to-do list. All those writing projects that have been taking up space in your brain. This is the time to finally tackle them, or at least get a bunch of research and planning out of the way. The main point is that you show up and get the support and accountability to get a ton of writing done.

What happens once I register?

After you register, you'll receive a welcome email. Then, every day for the duration of the challenge, you'll receive a morning email reminder with links to the zoom calls and writing encouragement audios.

xo Alicia-Joy

P.S. You're not alone in this. Even if you choose not to join us in Ten Days of Writing, feel free to reach out, say hello, and share your writing ambition with me. Sometimes just putting it out there gives you the push you need. alicia [@] aliciajoy.net  

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Ten Days of Writing

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